Created in 2015, The Australia Brazil Business Council (AUBRBC) is a mechanism of business dialogue and communication, maintained by the business entrepreneurship initiative among the business community that relates to Brazil and Australia as the two major poles of individual strength in industrial and business capacity, forming the two most important country elements of the Southern Hemisphere.


In August 2009, during a visit to Brazil, the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr Stephen Smith discussed that both the Australian and Brazilian Governments might want to encourage the private sector of their countries to consider the creation of an “Australia-Brazil Business Council” where representatives of business would meet and discuss initiatives to strengthen bilateral commerce.

Finally in April of 2015, after some time locating the correct entrepreneurs with good relationships with both Governments, the Australia Brazil Business Council was officially formed.  It is a non-profit bilateral institution engaged in promoting and strengthening trade relations between the two countries.

The AUBRBC seeks to promote dialogue among firms of both countries. The AUBRBC focuses its activities on structural issues in Australia-Brazil bilateral relations, aiming to improve the climate for business and investment between the two countries.

The AUBRBC’s working agenda involves contact with authorities of both governments, periodic gatherings of Brazilian and Australian firms, thematic seminars, mechanisms for sharing business experiences, and the dissemination of important business research.

The AUBRBC’s two Sections are completely cooperative on to another and define their activities according to the interests of their members.


To be recognised as the primary instance in the coordination and articulation of processes for business and trade relations interest between Brazil and Australia.


To manage an extensive member network and events program to enhance non-partisan business networking, dynamically promoting bilateral investment and trade through a number of inbound and outbound business missions.