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Over the years, the Australia-Brazil Business Council has proudly collaborated and partnered with world class, blue chip, local and multinational companies and enterprises with the view on delivering high standard events, promotions and benefits to its members.



Latam is the only airline offering services from Australia on Boeing 787 aircraft offering the following advantages:

  • With 20% less CO2 and noise pollution.
  • Advanced interior pressurising system and air humidification techniques, passengers travel more comfortably than ever.
  • 30% more storage space for overhead carry on luggage.

LATAM also started flying direct from Melbourne to Santiago last year. LATAM believes there are a number of Victorian companies that can benefit from this new route, allowing it to assist driving their business in South America, whilst saving on air fares and enjoying corporate benefits on board and at different airports.

LATAM offers tailored corporate programmes that combine discounts and/or other soft benefits for corporations that use LATAM products on a regular basis when travelling from Melbourne to South America.

All these corporate benefits you can enjoy when booking with your travel agent of choice.

Being part of the one world global alliance with 13 of the best and largest airlines in the world, all committed to providing world-class services and value,  LATAM offers passengers a wide range of options on trips, prizes and benefits out of reach for any airline on its own.


  • 143 destinations in 23 countries
  • 312 aircraft with 7,9 years average
  • 67 million passengers transported on 2018
  • Started 90 years ago


Since 2017, the LATAM Group has focused its efforts on generating awareness in the implementation of economic, social and environmental dimensions in work routines and decision-making processes.