We are now ready to celebrate 75 years of great diplomatic relationship between Australia and Brazil.

In these last few years, we have enjoyed a stream of opportunities in the private sector, as our both governments work towards comprehensive strategic partnerships.

It is time to appreciate the work that has emerged with this high diplomatic bond, which has opened different levels of cooperation not only at government levels but also at research and development collaboration in the academic world, as well as in the private sector entrepreneurial levels.

The Australia Brazil Business Council enjoys the prospectus of many organisations working with us. These are Australian businesses, Brazilian businesses, small organisations, startups, medium and large enterprises, forming a diverse platform of business operations which share the same objectives in participating and expanding business across the continents connecting Brazil and Australia.

We share the same passion, the same vision and look for the same outcomes. There is no doubt that some strong synergies exist between the Australian and Brazilian economies.

These are exciting moments as the world turns into information overdrive, and it is with great excitement that we see our Brazilian companies entering the Australian Markets.

It is time to celebrate, but also time to focus on creating the best out of this opportunity. Brazil is open for investments; our focus is to enable Australian investors to find the best in Brazil. During this year, there will be many elements forming events and trade missions.

For Brazilians, Australia is a land of opportunities, and there are many investment initiatives, and they are open for Brazilian investors. In the Agribusiness sector alone, there is so much to be explored.

Brazil has generated 343.5 billion US dollars in agriculture production… and this year alone, it will be growing another 13% on that.

These are great times, as Brazil enters the supply chain to Europe under a new trade agreement. We can only see that as an excellent opportunity for Australia and Brazil to partner on these new ventures to create even more unique opportunities for both our countries in the international markets.

Brazil has demonstrated significant advances in some areas of development. Some of these areas are cyber security innovations, banking and finance expertise, taxation technologies, agricultural business developments, aerospace and defence,  IT developments, tropical medicine developments, and many other essential verticals that combined with other Australian research initiatives. They present excellent business projection outcomes for the next few years.

The Australia Brazil Business Council has played an important role to identify government initiatives and work together with organisations in the private sector that will generate collaborations between intellectual properties of both countries.

The new Brazilian Government announced that Brazil is open for business. The announcement welcomes all nations of the world to work together in creating more significant free markets, enhancing the global economic development, with substantial concessions that are already part of the new Brazilian Government.

Late last year President Bolsonaro and Economy Minister Guedes said Brazil is opening the economy and already integrating to critical global players. Oceania and Australia are on the road map for us to straighten our relationships.

Brazil shares with Australia significant commonalities and our work never ceases from being exciting and interesting. At the Council, we want to make sure we work with each other and leverage from the opportunity of being the two largest economies in the southern hemisphere.

During these last few years, much ground has been covered in preparation for significant investments in both directions, taking innovated technologies from Australia into Brazil and bringing other highly specific technologies and solutions from Brazil into Australia.

The Council acts as an advisory board to both the private sector as well as to the Government. The open relationship with DFAT, AUSTRADE, Ministry of Agriculture, CSIRO and other agencies of the Australian Government are precious to us. Working together with EMBRAPA, MDIC, COMEX, SECOM, FIESP, FIERJ and other Brazilian Government agencies have also allowed us to grow immensely.

Reach to the Council, become a member and be part of this network of entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, business people and other professionals, that together form this remarkable group of people. After all, we are people sharing the same passion and vision.

We look forward to your company to pave the way for a successful year.

Best Regards,

Gleuto Serafim