Interview with Raphael Reis from Facto Financial Group

Why did you decide to start your own business?
Since I was a little kid I had creative ideas of how to make some pocket money working with things I used to enjoy. I guess I always had that entrepreneur feeling inside me that I could be successful doing what I like.

The sense of satisfaction when I accomplish something or when I help my clients to achieve their goals is what I like to do and it drives me to keep going.

This feeling is what have compelled me to start Facto. We strive to help fellow countryman Brazilians to overcome their financial struggling and difficulties to achieve their dream to obtain finance to buy their first home, upgrade their car or buy a new piece of equipment for their business.

What made you come to Australia?
I came to Australia in 2008 to improve my proficiency in English and to study Civil Engineering. It was the best decision I could have ever made even though I was very young at the time.

It wasn’t ease to arrive by myself in a country far away from my comfortable home, but that challenge made me stronger and also made me grow not only as a professional but also as a person.


What industry does your business operate on ?
We operate on Finance and Mortgage Broking, serving commercial and consumer clients. We are also expanding our services and starting to offer foreign exchange and accounting very soon.

Facto Financial Group has a respectable history in the industry. We are proud to say that we can help and guide our clients in every step of the way and aspects of their financial needs.

Have you received any kind of financial or non financial support from the Brazilian or Australian governments to start the business?
Facto has never received any financial or non-financial support from either government at its beginning.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in running a business in Australia?
I would say as a business owner the fact that I have to manage many different demands on time is a constant struggle. Also, to maintain processes, such as hiring, training, payroll, marketing, paying bills, and managing human resources are all tasks that must be managed on an ongoing basis as well.

In addition and most importantly, we strive to provide our clients with the best finance solution to their requirements. To achieve this, our challenge is to keep up to date with the changes on compliance and lending policies in this highly regulated industry.

Is your business growing? If so, could you tell us at what scale, since inception?
I am very proud to say that Facto Financial Group is growing steady. We are receiving 20% more enquires this financial year comparing with last financial year. In response to that growth we are delighted to welcome to Facto family a new team member.

How do you market your products and/or services?
Most of our new clients come from repeat and referred business and we are really proud of it. This tell us we are doing something right here. We also invest on some moderate social media advertisement and Google adds, however the old and good word of the mouth still the most effective leads generating tool to us.

Recently we have become a member of the Australia-Brazil Business Council . This successful partnership has already converted new business to us.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to start a business in Australia?
Speak up about your business idea and take the first step. This might sound simple but is the reality. You must take the first step and it will lead you to another, whatever this first step may be.

Whether it is creating a name for your business, buying the first lot, committing to a sale or service or anything else. You must move forward.

What are your plans for the near future, say, 1 year?
Facto’s plan for the near future is to diversify its business services with other opportunities. In the near future we are going to provide for our clients bookkeeping services and also foreign exchange. This will be a new chapter for Facto and our clients.

How can the Australia-Brazil Business Council help your business grow?
The AuBrBc have already helped our business and we look forward to nurture this synergy and take it to the next level this year.

So far, the AuBrBc has brought new business to us and exposed our brand to new clients and niches that we would not have easy access to. We were honoured to be awarded in 2018 with the prize of Excellence in Capital. This year we intend to wrap up this prize again, with all the growth and work that we are putting together!

Would you be interested in participating in creating targeted events, marketing promotions, sponsorship or partnering with the AuBrBc in specific projects?
We would love to participate in creating events with AuBrBc. The Brazilian community in the West would do well with some extra interaction with the association. Perhaps an event in Perth would be a good start.

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Raphael Reis
Facto Financial Group