Your Name: Renata Reis
Your business name: Collab 360 Marketing


Why did you decide to start your own business?
Renata: I have always been quite entrepreneurial; it’s part of my family background and it sort of runs in my veins. After working for several years as a marketing manager at a boutique marketing agency, I gained the courage and confidence to realise I could run my own marketing consultancy business. I’m super passionate about leading teams, getting projects off the ground and seeing plans being brilliantly executed. Being one of the key leaders in such marketing projects is something that excites and drives me. Working side by side to business owners and witnessing the positive impact of our marketing strategies on their businesses’ growth is extremely rewarding and inspiring.

What made you come to Australia?
Renata: I came to Australia 12 years ago, not long after graduating from a double degree in Journalism and Arts. Leaving Brazil at the time was a ticket to a bit of mental freedom, as the previous five years had been extremely intense and emotionally laborious due to the overload of completing the two degrees. Also, like many people, I was just eager to experience new journeys and find out what life all the way across the globe would taste like.:


What industry does your business operate on ?
Renata: Collab 360 Marketing operates in the marketing and communications field. It offers integrated and comprehensive marketing solutions, from strategic planning to execution, utilising digital solutions (mostly), but also some traditional marketing methodologies.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in running a business in Australia?
Renata: As the other business owners reading this might agree, one of the critical elements for a successful business recipe is having a strong network of contacts around you that can support you and help to leverage your company. Although I have been lucky enough to meet and work with incredible professionals and organisations, the fact that I have only been in the country for 12 years, but not all my life, I would point to it as a challenge. Also, the fact that, even though I have been here for quite a while, sometimes it does feel that you are navigating through foreign waters. In my opinion, there is always some cultural adjustments or catch-ups that migrants have to play.

Is your business growing? If so, could you tell us at what scale, since inception?
Renata: Yes, the business is definitely in a growth phase. It is a brand new business, however, and it’s still in its infant stage, as we have been around for less than a year. But I have been lucky so far to see the concept getting off the ground and for being able to partner with excellent businesses that have started working with Collab 360 Marketing.

How do you market your products and/or services?
Renata: One of my passions as a marketeer is branding, and the power it has in creating meaningful connections with audiences. I consider it to be a critical element in the projects we work with, and therefore, the same would apply to my own business. In parallel to a strong brand, having a crystal clear understanding of our audiences, our objectives and what makes us awesome and unique as a business is something I believe to be vital to success. Having those strong foundations in place makes our marketing process more effective and streamlined and allows the tactics we put around our growth (e.g. content and social media marketing) to be more sharp and precise.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to start a business in Australia?
Renata: Resilience, tenacity and focus is probably my advice to anyone starting a business anywhere. But if you are a foreigner starting a business in Australia, I feel you need a little (or a lot!) extra of each, as the journey can sometimes be daunting depending on the circumstances. Also (and I believe this applies again for any business anywhere), do your research. Be curious, investigate the waters you are planning to navigate through. Ask the necessary questions and reach out to people that can help you. But at the same time, trust your gut instincts and have a measured dosage of stubbornness – as there will always be people who will doubt your plans and distract you from your goals.

What are your plans for the near future, say, 1 year?
Renata: To continue to invest in Collab’s growth and expand our network of marketing collaborators. At Collab 360 Marketing, we work on a smart and efficient teaming model. By partnering with a range of marketing collaborators, we can build custom teams for specific types of projects, which also expand the range of services we can offer. So one of our goals is to increase this network, which will allow us to service more projects in the coming year.

How can the Australia-Brazil Business Council help your business grow?
Renata: Going back to something I’ve touched before, business connections are a crucial element of growth, and it’s something I strongly value. This is one of the main benefits of being a member of the Australia-Brazil Business Council, as I believe it can open many doors.

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