Brazilian entrepreneurs are invited to apply

South Australia (SA), the state in the southern central part of Australia, is known for its economy based on mining and energy, manufacturing and construction, tourism and international students.

Now though, SA is also investing in other sectors, and the state is looking for partnerships to consolidate projects in various areas.

“We are going to be very respectful of our traditional sectors, but we’ve also got an eye to future industries like defense, space, cyber, machine learning, blockchain technology, renewable energy and the creative sector. These are the areas that we are vitally interested in”, says SA Premier Steven Marshall.

Lot Fourteen – the science and technology hub in Adelaide CBD – is one of the many initiatives to promote other sectors and expand the economy. Supported by the Australian and SA governments, Lot Fourteen brings together research, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, industry and government to provide choices for businesses to establish and grow in South Australia.

“Lot Fourteen is creating a small ecosystem and opportunities for people from various areas to collaborate, and we have a huge ambition for that”, says Marshall.

Lot Fourteen is the site of projects linked to defense, space and high-tech, such as the Smart Satellite CRC, the largest space related research program in the history of Australia, the MIT bigdata Living Lab and the Australian Institute of Machine Learning. “One of the areas we are most interested in going forward is the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, which is the largest commercial Cyber Test Range in the country. Cyber is going to be one of the most growing sectors in the world and we are grabbing it with both hands here in South Australia”, he says.SA Government is also focusing on renewable energy projects.

“We have gone a long way in South Australia, but we think there are so many opportunities in the area and we have massive ambitions for that. We don’t want to just improve our performance and environment in South Australia though; we want to affect the change across the globe by investing in the production of green hydrogen. We know many countries around the world are very interested in the hydrogen economic opportunities”, says the Premier.

SA Minister for Trade & Investment, Stephen Patterson MP, told the Australia Brasil Business Council (AuBrBC) that renewable energy initiatives are a priority in South Australia. “Our state has abundant resources in solar electricity generation and wind generation and they are quite complimentary, but we are also looking on how we can firm this up to make sure we deliver electricity not only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, but also that it is dispatchable for other times”, says Mr. Patterson.

There are plenty of business opportunities on renewable energy for national and international investors in South Australia, including storage technology, transmission lines and interconnection with other states and hydrogen.

“We are looking to create off-take agreements with other countries as well, so not only we will be able to generate electricity for our needs but also export our excess to the world. We see hydrogen as a key facilitator of that and we welcome partnerships on this sector”, says Patterson.

The Government is also aiming to link South Australia with the other key electricity states of Victoria and New South Wales via interconnection. “We see this transmission line between SA and NSW – which is a big consumer – as a key factor, as that will spawn off a lot of further investment into renewable energy, approximate to this transmission line”.

Last year, South Australia became the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy.

For just over one hour on Sunday, October 11, 100% of the energy demand was met by solar panels alone. “We have renewable energy zones throughout the state, so there are many opportunities around the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park, the Eyre Peninsula Gateway Project and also in the eastern regions of the state, which are very proximate to center regions of Australia”, Patterson says.

SA Trade & Investment Minister sent a message to Brazilian entrepreneurs:

 “We welcome partnerships into this area. We welcome Brazilian companies contacting our state to get involved. We have a website that will give you investment-ready proposals, not only on renewable energy, but on all our key sectors”, he says.

On the website, entrepreneurs also find key sector leads in the renewable energy space. “You can reach out and contact them directly. While they might not be investment-ready proposals, you will be able to get some key contacts in South Australia who will be able to help you in your investment journey’, concludes Patterson.

Article written exclusively to the Australia-Brazil Business Council by Liz Lacerda, Foreign Correspondent – Australia