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South Australia is open for business

Brazilian entrepreneurs are invited to apply South Australia (SA), the state in the southern central part of Australia, is known for its economy based on mining and energy, manufacturing and construction, tourism and international students. Now though, SA is also investing in other sectors, and the state is looking for partnerships to consolidate projects in […]

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BEYOND THE BEACHWEAR- The strength of the Brazilian textile & clothing industry

Discover the strength of the Brazilian textile & clothing industry and the bilateral business with Australia In the global imagination, the Brazilian textile and clothing industry can be represented by iconic bikini styles paraded on catwalks around the world. The objects of desire of consumers of all ages are always linked to the idea of […]


Free online access to some of the best universities of Australia (and the world)

Despite the closure of the borders for international students and tourist, Australia continues focusing on international education. Approximately 3,000 Brazilians students are awaiting the opening of the borders so they can start their study exchange in Australia. As international students are prohibited to come to Australia, at least for the near future, Australian universities are […]



Your Name: Renata Reis Your business name: Collab 360 Marketing   Why did you decide to start your own business? Renata: I have always been quite entrepreneurial; it’s part of my family background and it sort of runs in my veins. After working for several years as a marketing manager at a boutique marketing agency, I […]

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Brazil is an Established Tech-Savvy Nation

Brazil has firmly established itself as a tech-savvy nation with the world’s second largest users of social networks and approximately 230 million smartphones in use. Google, Uber, Accenture, SAP and Oracle and most major technology companies have a strong presence in Brazil and in 2017 Facebook established its first-ever innovation centre in São Paulo. Nowadays […]

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The Construction, Aerospace and Technology Industries in Brazil

Brazil is not only about carnaval, football and forests. On this article, we are going to delve into Brazil’s broad capabilities in the construction, technology and aerospace innovation industries. The number of Brazilian internationalised companies has grown considerably in the last three decades as part of the globalisation evolution. Some of the international players have […]