By Liz Lacerda, Foreign Correspondent   Why/When did you decide to start Tropical Brazil? I had the idea of bringing açaí to Australia in 2003 as I was looking to unite the best of both countries. At that time though, I was here as a student, consequently resources and opportunities were limited. On top of […]


An Interview with Mauro Pereira Carlos, the Founder of Fast Facilities By Liz Lacerda, Foreign Correspondent When did you start your business in Australia and how was it to grow? I started my own business in 2014, while I was studying. I saw an opportunity to make more money to pay for university and I […]

Meet a Member – Fast Facilities

Fast Facilities Services have expertise in managing Strata and Commercial cleaning services. It is a Local Company who can dedicate expert resources and time to its client sites wholeheartedly. Fast Facilities aspires to build a carefully structured team of workers, who are honest and dependable at all levels of operation ensuring customers to get the […]

Meet A Member – Juliano Lindenmeyer

Juliano Lindenmeyer is a multi-entrepreneur located in Gold Coast with over 10 years in the service sector. Current leading a small removal operation, a handyman services company, airline ticket agency, and an organic products distributor. On his right is Thiago Soll, AUBRBC Imports Partner and on his left side is Gleuto Serafim, AUBRBC President. Contact […]

Meet a Member – NNC Pro Beauty

Meet a Member – Minas Hill

MINAS HILL is a specialty coffee showroom and reseller located in Australia. They are a passionate and independent green coffee beans importer, only working with social and environmental certified suppliers. They have been trading in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide for the past 6 years and on March, 21st they officially started operating in Sydney […]

Meet a Member – Tropical Brazil

Tropical Brazil is a specialist importer of fine quality of frozen tropical fruits pulps including Acai straight from Amazon rainforest in Brazil and the exotic Cupuacu.Dedicated to deliver the highest quality products and as a leading wholesaler and supplier in Australia, they’re able to deliver healthy and creamy acai pulps throughout Australia and New Zealand.