The Impact of “War Board Game” in the Internationalization of Brazilian Companies

Over the past 11+ years dealing with Brazilian, South American and European businesses trying to enter the Asia Pacific Market, we’ve seen similar practices and common mistakes in their strategies. Strategies with similar moves found on a very popular board game that we used to play growing up in Brazil called “War”, very similar to […]

Australia and Brazil the ‘G2’ of Future Agribusiness

I have been asked to expand on the concept of Australia and Brazil as ‘G2’ Partners in Global Agriculture that I presented in my opening remarks as part of a panel at the Australia-Brazil Agribusiness Forum recently held Sydney and I thought I could share it here as well. My fellow panellists included the very distinguished Dr Marcos Jank […]

Brazil simplifies processes for SME’s

Taxation and bureaucracy have been historically challenging for investors in Brazil, but the Brazilian government is making active efforts to facilitate the start up of businesses and compliance with the taxation system. Published on April 30, the new Executive Order “Declaration of Economic Freedom” (MP 881/2019) simplifies registration of small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). […]

Challenges of doing business in Brazil

By Liz Lacerda, Foreign Correspondent Executive Board Member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association – Australia & South Pacific (FCA) Brazil is the largest economy in South America and it is ranked ninth in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With its GDP of US$1.93 trillion and US$9160 per capita, Brazil is already […]