FATS Digital

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FATS Digital has its head office based in Chatswood, NSW with branch offices in Melbourne & Brisbane and provides media services nationally.

Our services include.
Disc duplication and replication (CD, DVD, and Blu-ray) and associated packaging.
Disc printing. Recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc printing.
CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc packaging.
Broadcast video duplication
File encoding and file transcoding.
Electronic file delivery.
Film transfers. 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm motion picture film transfers.
DCP. Digital Cinema Package creation, duplication and delivery.
Broadcast Equipment hire.
DVD and Blu-ray authoring.
Graphic Design.
Motion graphic design.
Video and Audio editing.
USB printing. Custom USB manufacture. USB duplication.
iTunes TV and Movie encoding and aggregation.
Distribution of professional Video Tape. Authorized Sony, Fuji and Panasonic dealer.
Distribution of recordable discs (CD-R, DVD-R, and BD-R).
Distribution of USB.
Distribution of Sony, Verbatim and Lacie hard disc drives (HHD).
Media Asset Management (Cloud-based).
Media archiving and restoration services for
 Motion Picture Film.
 Broadcast Video.
 Professional audio.
 Slides, transparencies, negatives, and photographs.
 Microfilm and Microfiche.
Vinyl record mastering and pressing.

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