The G-Sway electric skateboards control system is revolutionary, intelligent and unique. It is the newest and the most technologically advanced control system that is invented and is designed for your safety, comfort and pleasure. You don�t need to control your body balance on the board by a hand held Bluetooth controller. G-Sway control system controls your balance on the board. The board is sensing your weight distribution between the front and rear axle and makes the board go always under your centre of gravity. The system follows your body not your hand commands. Riding G-Sway is intuitive, natural and safe. Rider can relax observing traffic, admiring the beauty of surroundings and feeling the joy surfing. Learning to ride G-Sway is easier and safer than learning to ride a bicycle. G-Sway electric skateboards are perfect for daily commuting and pleasure riding, sightseeing and surfing on roads, bike paths and walkways. Observing your local laws and regulations is always the rider’s responsibility

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