2020 marks the 75th year of Brazil and Australia diplomatic relations.

The Brazilian Embassy in Canberra is launching its monthly Newsletter dedicated to promoting a greater knowledge of Brazil and Australia relations and the Brazilian economy, for the benefit of the Australian public, businesses and academic communities as well as for Brazilians in Australia. The idea is to provide updated information and statistics on the Brazilian […]


The Brasil Investment Forum 2019 will highlight investment opportunities in strategic industries in the Brazilian economy, such as infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, technology and innovation. This will be a unique opportunity to learn about recent improvements in Brazil´s business environment. The Forum will be opened by President Jair Bolsonaro, and the President of the Inter-American Development […]

B.Talks – Social Media on Youtube

B. TALKS – SOCIAL MEDIA with experts Fabiola Granja, Ana Neves, Marcia Percival and Thais Oso – Full content available on YOUTUBE. You will learn about the Future of Social Media how to use these powerful tools to scale your business and how to create professional videos and content. CLICK TO WATCH IT NOW!

Bolsonaro says EU-Mercosur deal should trigger ‘domino effect’ boosting Brazil trade

(Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Saturday that the free trade treaty agreed by the European Union and South American bloc Mercosur should trigger a domino effect, encouraging other countries to also negotiate with Brazil. The EU and Mercosur concluded two decades of talks on Friday, committing to more open markets in the […]

Brazil and Australia negotiate direct flights from 2020

Countries that have never had a direct flight, Australia and Brazil will be able to debut a route in the first quarter of 2020 between the cities of Melbourne and Sao Paulo. The information was revealed by Brazilian officials and the Australian ambassador to Brazil, Timothy Kane, after the end of the visa requirement for […]

The Impact of “War Board Game” in the Internationalization of Brazilian Companies

Over the past 11+ years dealing with Brazilian, South American and European businesses trying to enter the Asia Pacific Market, we’ve seen similar practices and common mistakes in their strategies. Strategies with similar moves found on a very popular board game that we used to play growing up in Brazil called “War”, very similar to […]

Australia and Brazil the ‘G2’ of Future Agribusiness

I have been asked to expand on the concept of Australia and Brazil as ‘G2’ Partners in Global Agriculture that I presented in my opening remarks as part of a panel at the Australia-Brazil Agribusiness Forum recently held Sydney and I thought I could share it here as well. My fellow panellists included the very distinguished Dr Marcos Jank […]

Meet a Member – Fast Facilities

Fast Facilities Services have expertise in managing Strata and Commercial cleaning services. It is a Local Company who can dedicate expert resources and time to its client sites wholeheartedly. Fast Facilities aspires to build a carefully structured team of workers, who are honest and dependable at all levels of operation ensuring customers to get the […]